Once, long time ago, in a different galaxy… I tried to learn a bit of C#, after that, Java was the hot topic as well as Android development. Problem was, that I just couldn’t get the grip with object-oriented programming. Also, at the time, development for Android was based only with Java on Eclipse. Nothing else.

I was looking towards BASIC type programming languages, but there was only one worth looking at Basic for Android (actually Basic4Android). I start doodling on it and it was way easier than Java for Android. Of course, the forum is the first thing to look at as they are so helpful, so if you stuck somewhere, they will help you.

Worth mentioning: There is 50% discount based on the referral system, where you can buy the copy of Basic4Android via Plimus and apply discount code:


At the time of writing is $119 or £78.67 and after discount, it is $59.50 or £39.34 for Basic4android Enterprise Version with 2 years of updates applied or Basic4android Standard Version with 30% discount and 2 months of updates. Prices may change without of notice so hurry up. It’s well worth it.

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