About me

ORION – was a giant huntsman in Greek mythology whom Zeus placed among the stars as the constellation of Orion.

(source: Wikipedia.org)

I’ve created this blog, because of the need to write down my experiences based on tinkering, I do with various technologies and in my day job in IT Support. Things are always happening, and I don’t like to waste any knowledge. I got myself involved in many projects, some of them finished, some still in progress, some may never be complete due to various reasons.

So, it’s time to share the experience with technology; also there will be IT and other stuff. I’ve worked for over 14 years in engineering, so I have a good “knowledge” how things are working on many different levels not only IT related 😉

“Enjoy the ride”, and you can always add comments, ideas, or to say hello…

This blog will always be “in development” so be patient, as I have no much time to update or make it beautiful 😉

So… Enjoy.